Re- Launch of RISE
The RISE campaign has returned to challenge government policy proposals that will have serious implications for fieldsports.
In particular regard to hunting with hounds the Animal Health & Welfare Bill – currently at amendment stage in the Seanad – needs urgent revising to take into account our concerns.
This Bill was in the Dept of Agriculture for a number of years and the Green Party had key input during that time.
It was rushed out at the end of March without any meaningful consultation to the HAI or FACE.
This means we are now playing catch-up and so it is vital we make an impact with elected politicians, and quickly.
The dangers concealed in this legislation will be revealed at a RISE public meeting in Cork on Thurs, 7th June at 8pm at the Silver Springs Hotel, with speakers on the night presenting on a number of threats ranging across foxhunting, harriers,shooting, fishing and working dogs.
Let’s get big numbers for this event, sending a clear message to politicians that we won’t be ignored any more.
The animal rights fanatics have been banging their anti-hunting message out by email, text and phone call for far too long.
It’s time the many thousands in field sports started making some noise.
Thanks for your help,
The RISE Committee

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